State 21 can help your business be more resilient by being prepared to manage situations and risks – proactively or reactively – to bounce back into the best position as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Together, the team at State 21 have 90 years of police service, so the services we offer come with the guarantee of a background of hands-on experience,high levels of responsibility and a practical approach to any business situation or event.

Through our wealth of experience, State 21 would like to help your business with the following services:

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Emergency Planning

State 21’s effective Emergency and Contingency Planning consultancy services are critical to helping every organisation have the resilience to cope with a major disaster or emergency which can result in substantial financial and physical losses, or pose a threat to the safety of staff and the public.

We can share our experience to help ensure you are prepared to deliver a safe and effective response to emergency situations which could help to prevent a serious impact on the financial stability of your business, its staff and operations, its reputation, and your customers or even the public.

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Incident Management

Incident management is not only one of the core skills State 21 offers, but one that is critical for the resilience of every business or organisation of any size – as effectively managing an incident is critical to its resolution, limiting its effects, and the return to normality as soon as possible.

Whether it is an emergency, a crisis or a business interruption, every organisation requires trained staff who are confident in their roles and have been regularly exercised in the roles that they may be required to perform. It also requires consideration of the facilities required for the effective management of an incident, but above all, for any organisation, it needs the ability to know how to communicate, organise and accurately record decisions and actions taken is consistent for all.

State 21 can make sure you have the best skills, training and procedures possible to do this.

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Business Continuity

Working with you, State 21 can ensure the delivery of effective Business Continuity Plans and management systems for your organisation, with advice and support relevant and tailored to your specific business/operational requirements.

With serious disruptions causing many businesses to fold, effective Business Continuity Planning and Management Systems have never been more critical.

Furthermore, if required, we can assist you in attaining ISO 22301 (Business Continuity Management Systems) certification.

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Command, Control and Co-ordination

Another of our core services for business resilience is the ability to command, control and co-ordinate the response to any incident.

This is critical to the effectiveness of any Emergency Planning or Incident Management training, and it requires, planning, appropriate resourcing and training, combined with regular exercising and review.

State 21 is able to work with you in delivering solutions to this critical area of business resilience.

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Project Management

State 21 can help you achieve the right outcome, on time and on budget for any project.

Using our years of project management skills and extensive, practical experience across many levels and situations, State 21 can both successfully deliver complex projects as well as train your team to have the right skills to do so.

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Project Support

To enable you to deliver your projects on time, on budget and to the required standard, State 21 is well placed and extremely experienced to provide the additional support and resources you require.

Our vast experience has focused on making projects happen and the provision of a high quality service.

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Selecting the right person for the job is critical for any organisation, and State 21 offers a blend of multi-layered management experience, selection interview training and experience, combined with police interviewing skills and techniques to help you see what lies beneath potential applicants.

State 21 is able to assist with everything recruitment related, whether it is the writing of job descriptions; selection criteria; conducting paper sifts or assisting with the conduct of interviews.

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Are you ready to find out how we can help you succeed?

State 21 can ensure you have the best skills, training and procedures possible.

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