Emergency Services Career Transition Ltd. goes live!!!

As a result of a great deal of work with all three Emergency Services and other public and private sector organisations, we are proud to announce the inception of the Not-for Profit organisation, Emergency Services Career Tranisiton Ltd. (ESCT).

Visit our website at   https://www.esctransition.org.uk

ESCT has been developed to:

  • Assist Emergency Services to attract staff – including online support, advice, job opportunities.
  • Provide new recruits with independent through career development  support and advice
  • Access to ongoing independent career development support
  • Promotes retention of staff who feel supported and valued
  • Provide access to support and advice for those planning to leave the Emergency Services – mid  career to    retirement
  • Make links to public and private organisations outside of the Emergency Services
  • Access to Job Opportunities
  • Matching skills and experience to appropriate role
  • Assist ex-Emergency Services staff to stay connected