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Harbour Master Training Course Presentation

Wearing his “Maritime Policing” hat, we were delighted to have Tony Birr present again yesterday, 7th March 2018, on the three-day Harbour Masters PMSC courses take place in Southampton each March, June and October

Devestation at Holyhead Marina

“Preparing for the unexpected.” Is the title of Tony’s presentation to Harbour Master training courses, (the next being on 7th March ) and to British Marine’s Marina Managers courses. Can you ever be prepared for something like how Storm Emma has hit Holyhead?

Port Strategy Magazine

Are you ‘prepared for the unexpected’ is a question that has been asked of many UK harbours in recent months. There is no excuse not to be. A Government-produced guide, which supplements the UK Port Marine Safety Code, is a good starting point for those that are underprepared.

Port Strategy Magazine