Emergency Services Career Transition (ESCT)

The Directors of State 21 Ltd. have all at some point sought to develop within their roles in the Emergency Services or have left on retirement, taking up new roles and challenges. They recognised that staff need support in addition to what is already provided by their employees. 

As a result Emergency Services Career Transition Ltd.  (ESCT), a not for profit organisation, was developed. We believe all staff working within the Emergency Services should have access to support at every stage of their career, thereby improving the through career experience for those joining, volunteering, serving in, and leaving the Emergency Services.

Our vision is to provide members of the Emergency Services support and guidance throughout their service, together with occupational transition advice for those seeking an alternative career at whatever stage they choose to leave.

Our aim is to work with Emergency Services employers as society moves to a more transient workforce and recognise the importance of empowering staff to develop and achieve tangible qualifications, enabling the services to recruit, retain and stay connected with service leavers. 

To find out more about this exciting development please visit our website at: https://www.esctransition.org.uk

State 21 Ltd. already provides a number of courses which can assist you on your transition journey. Take a look at our Training Catalogue for more information.



The services ESCT will provide include:

  • Induction adivce to those entering the services.
  • Career Advice to help you develop within your organisation either vertically or laterally. This will include access to mentoring and coaching.
  • Financial & Health and Wellbeing Support - recognising that the individual must be in a good place in order to be successful within their working environment.
  • Links to business - giving access to those wanting to obtain secondments or work during career breaks with organisations that support the Emergency Services.
  • Employment Portal - giving access to businesses to advertise roles suitable for those leaving the Emergency Services. Employees in the Emergency Services who sign up to the Portal can get access to these roles.
  • Support/Advise/Guidance to those looking to leave their organisation at any stage of their career.
  • Pre Retirement Workshops available free to anyone preparing to retire who want guidance and advice form experts in various field. 
  • Training courses in preparation to leave the service and for those looking to develop their skills take up a new career or job.
  • Online Support those signing up to the Portal will have access to all services provided by EST